Direct Infrastructure Partners Limited provides a range of services to investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds or other institutions, wanting to invest directly in transport infrastructure assets. These services relate to strategic assessment of the marketplace, planning and execution of the transaction (including transition) and management of the asset post-sale. We can act as a one-stop shop for the whole transaction or provide specific services where the client already has some expertise.

The Partnership can also provide these services on an ad hoc basis to infrastructure funds investing in transport assets.

What differentiates us is that we are all former senior managers in transport and between us have a broad knowledge of the sector gained from firsthand experience.

Strategic Picture

Direct Infrastructure brings together a high calibre team equipped to provide an in depth understanding of opportunities in transport infrastructure. Currently our expertise is in airports, air traffic control, ports and rail. We provide a strategic overview of the current deal pipeline and the high level risks and opportunities involved with each potential asset sale, together with indicative pricing and an outline business plan for any bid. Our partnership would also support investor analysis of risk and return profiles, monies available and strategy regarding co-investment.

Transaction Planning and Execution

The team has excellent business knowledge and transaction experience and is fully committed to migration to active asset management of the investment where required. Our level of sector experience is unique in the current marketplace.

We are able to provide in house , or work with existing advisors on the following:

  • A comprehensive business plan for the target
  • Due diligence work
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project management of the transaction
  • Post sale transition plans
  • Initial assessment of current management team

Asset Management

Our preference would be to have an on-going role in delivering the proposed business plan. This could encompass the following:

  • Completion of the post-sale transition plan
  • Detailed assessment of current management capabilities and¬†recruitment of any new talent
  • New governance arrangements
  • Provision of new independent Non Executive Directors
  • Risk Management Policies
  • Provision of specific expertise where required e.g. airport charges, traffic forecasting and route development
  • Completion of any change management programmes such as in or out sourcing.

The focus would be to provide and follow a clear business strategy, a commitment to operational and safety excellence, performance through targets and strong stakeholder management.


The partnership, believe that our level of reward should be essentially based on our performance. We are willing to provide an initial strategic overview to potential clients free of charge. For transaction advice we endeavour in most cases to provide a cost-based quotation so that clients can quantify the risk. For overall asset management, our fees are competitive and we are normally willing to agree to them being related to our performance against our initial business plan.